Ruggero Passeri, describes himself not as a photographer but as a man who take pictures. He started taking photographs in the sixties.
His first exhibition was back in 1983.
His photographs are created exclusively with digital cameras.
I was introduced to Ruggero by my friend, music critic and producer Giancarlo Susanna.
We met, we talked about life, love and friendship. At the time I honestly had no idea that Ruggero would be the artist who would colour so beautifully my new album "57".
During one of our meetings I viewed some work by Ruggero and one of these images remained with me, so much so that when I was deciding upon a photographer to use for my album booklet there was no other choice than Ruggero. The photograph that inspired me can be found in the booklet as the background for While She’s Sleeping.

Please take a look inside the world of photography of Ruggero Passeri.

Ruggero Passeri's website